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Randy Sims

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• Double-Lung Transplant Recipient •
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Keynote and Motivational speaking for corporate, educational, nonprofit and special events.

Overcoming Obstacles, and how we deal with the trials that life hands us is what sets us apart from the rest. Whether it is staying focused and positive during a work crisis, dealing with a personal issue, or needing to work through some type of sudden change in your life, hearing Randy's story and ideas on how to cope, overcome, and succeed will leave you feeling like you just had a "breath of fresh air."

Being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of ten, dealing with the challenges of a chronic disease, and eventually undergoing a very successful double lung transplant has given Randy a unique story to share with you and ideas on making the most of your life.

Randy now competes in sporting events on a national level. He will combine aspects of his physical success with his 15 years of corporate business achievement, private business ownership and certification in sales and management training to leave your audience with a lasting impression on how to grow in both their work and personal lives.

His message is dynamic and focuses on: "Not giving up during times of change, and turning your obstacles into great opportunities."

Be prepared to laugh, have fun, learn, and be inspired!

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What an inspirational story Randy has to tell! Here's a guy who literally faced a life and death medical situation and refused to fold.  Not only did he survive a double-lung transplant, he's out playing and competing in basketball! That kind of courage motivates people.  Referring to Randy Sims - Keynote and Motivational speaker
<H1>Randy Sims, Keynote and Motivational Speaker, promoting Organ Donation and Organ Donor Awareness<H1>

Randy Sims has an extraordinary story to tell, and a mission to accomplish. He has been a long time CF patient and a double lung transplant recipient. One result of this is of great benefit to both the medical community and the community at large.  Randy has committed himself to promoting awareness of transplantation programs, their needs, benefits, and remarkable outcomes. He is an enthusiastic, energetic and candid speaker, willing to share his healthcare experiences, for the benefit of others.   This is the fourth year Randy has volunteered his time and effort to participate in the Ethics, and Interpreting Illness sections of the curriculum at Washington University School of Medicine, where he shares his insight with the faculty and medical students.  We are fortunate to have him. Referring to Randy Sims - Keynote and Motivational Speaking

Randy Sims is an exceptional speaker who gives a lot of information with an important message.  He gives a face and personality to real life struggles, and the power to overcome them. Referring to Randy Sims - Keynote and Motivational Speaker